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Are you passionate about animals? We find that most students who enroll in ICI animal-related courses have always had a passion and interest for animals. Some enroll as part of a pursuit of entering a new career while others are simply pursuing a hobby or personal interest. Some are looking at establishing a pet care business. ICI offers the following specialized veterinary and animal care courses:

There are many people out there who are on the lookout for professionals who can help them take care of their beloved pets. Animal care is one very large industry and a booming one at that. From grooming to training to breeding, animal lovers do not leave stones unturned and are willing to pay when it comes to their pets.

If you have genuine love for animals and interested to work around them, then veterinary and animal care industry has a need for people like you! You can start exploring your career options in this industry by studying via distance learning.

The advantage of online veterinary and animal care courses is that you can use the knowledge, tools and techniques right after finishing your course. What’s more, online courses offer flexible time schedules also.

Caring for animals is a career of a lifetime. It is an endeavor that continues to give satisfaction and fulfillment to any individual who has genuine love for animals.

Career outcomes include: